• SPIE

SPIE Exeter chapter Advisor 2021- till date

Member- 2015- till date

Physics inclusivity working group PDRA Representative 2021- till date

I joined the Inclusivity Group in late 2020 to understand the university’s policies and help our department to become more inclusive by addressing issues.

IONS Commitee team

IONS Commitee team 2019

Represented University of Exeter Optics society in IONS Paris 2017

  • Sidmouth Science Festival 2015-2019

  • The Big Bang South West

Being part of Optics society enabled me to take part in various outreach activities. Throughout my Ph.D., I had actively participated in the outreach activities organised by the optics society.

Big Bang Fair south west

Sidmouth Science festival- 2017

Sidmouth Science festival-2016

Internation Day of Light- 2018

Festival of imagination- Honiton 2018